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1-3-05 Lookie I'm actually updating well the new layout is up and you can find it at =-= Frozen - Blooms =-=
I'll be posting stuff there soon. Later ^_^ ~*Josie*~

9-17-04 Hey look I'm actually updating ^^; Well it seems I haven't had much time for such a long while but I decided I would like to work on this site again. I have also decided that I'll be changing the layout soon but probally not till January. For now I'm just updating to let you guys know that I'm not dead. Check back in a day or two and I promise I'll have some new stuff up. ~*Josie*~

9-20-03 Hey sorry I that I haven't updated in such a long time. I got lazy over the summer and with school right now it's been really hectic. I've decided to keep this layout til next summer then I put a new one up. I have almost everything done it won't be long. I've recently added a guestbook, A poll, more quotes, more quizzes, An adoption page, and More links. I'll be adding more things in when I get the chance. Promise. ~*Josie*~

6-18-03 Hey guys, well here's one of my other layouts. It will be a while once this website really runs..I accidentally got rid of a couple of stuff ^_^; . It will be up running soon. Check back in a couple of days. I promise I'll have it done by then. ~*Josie*~

About This Layout

I love this layout it's from when of my favorite shows, Serial Experiment Lain. I got it from Day Dream graphics.I recommend that you should get one


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Image Credit- Surreal Angel.

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