9-21-04Hey guys I have a new layout up but unfortunetly I had to move the blog but here it is: don't make me blue // WOLF'S RAIN

9-13-04Well things seem to be running smoothly. I think that this year will be good school wise. I have 3 major classes and the onters are not that hard and I have a study. So yah! I already have a bunch of h/w thouhg but in some weird way I really don't mind. I'm taking the SATs next month. I'm really nervous I just hope i can do good. I wanna be able to go to a good college. On Friday saw Resident Evil: Aplolyapse (can't spell ^^;) with Joanna, Chris, & jay, but yea it was good I loved it I felt horrible for both Matt & Alice in the movie. They gotta have another one coming out I mean come on. well that's all I have to report oh and i Have a digital Camera! ::evil laugh inserted here:: lmao XD well gotta go hopefully I'll be bale to update more often

8-29-04 God my summer is gone I have school starting Tuesday and though it's my last year I still feel really nervous going back funny huh? I can tell this is gonna be a good year but it's also going to be very stressful with homework, Sats, finding which college to go to then writting a personal essay,clubs,& Family. I'm not quite sure if I'll ever be ready to grow up. I just wish I had more time then things wouldn't be so chaotic. I'm kind of ready to go back to school. Didn't buy much for new clothes but that's understandable I mean it's not that important even though stupid as it sounds I wanted to look a little more mature this year. Hopefully I will do good this year. I'm a little more organzied and I can only prayer that for the rest of the year I'll stay that way. In a way my summer wasn't that bad ^_^ I guess I have nothing else to report with but I'll update after my first day of school.

8-01-04 Oh look I'm actually updating ^^; Only a month's worth of vacation left. God I still need to go visit colleges, get crap for school, and get my senior photo. I really don't know how this year is gonna go I only hope that it turns out good and that my schedule isn't screwed up. I've actually been going out a bit especially this week I've been out to the movies,sleepovers, & b-day parties. It's good and all but the fun only lasts for such a short time otherwords I usually only go out every like 5 days. Saw the Village this week it was reallly good. I recommend it to anyone who likes suspense. I really should get more sleep I go to bed at like 5 in the morning and somehow i'm still able to get up at like 7 it's insane. It's not that I don't want to sleep really it's just sometimes I have these lil bursts of energy at night and it's get hard to go to bed when I'm somewhat not tired **sighs** I have to clean my room tomorrow T_T

6-29-04 The beginning of my summer seems to be really dragging slowly. I've been doing babysitting mostly with a few nights/days off that I used to hang out with Kim & Joanna. I went to see Rent for the 3rd time but the 1st time with Joanna. I was so glad that she loved it. I love that musical it's just beautiful too bad though that I didn't have enough money for a t-shirt maybe i could get it offline. I've had my days of just relaxing and watching anime with Joanna. We always seem to get obsessed with some new show lol ^^ A week ago she invited me to go to her friend's b-day/pool party. Weirdly enough he lived 5 houses from me and use to be my paper boy (small world. It was awsome her friends are hyper, not as crazy as other people but still fun. Me, Kim, & Paul went to a fair. It was thrilling though I got sick after 2 fast rides it felt great to actually hang out with them again. Kim seems to be mad at me though for not ging to the fireworks but I need to help my family. She'll understand someday. Besides that I went to borders twice and just sat and read mangas. To some it might not sound like fun but I love mangas and I really need to relax. It seems there's not much time these days to relax or do what I really want to do. I'll get through this summer though hopefully. As soon as I know it I'll be back at school for my last busy year. Just hope that my summer gets alittle more interesting ^^ And because I love memes:
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5-27-04 Alot has happened. Went to Prom it was awsome I had never felt so carefree in my life! I got a lot of compilments on my dress. My mom was dissapointed that I didn't go to my own Prom but whatever I felt more comfortable going to Chris's Prom. She wouldn't stop saying that I would of gotten Prom Queen. I don't think I would of anyway. I mean maybe the dress would give me 5% chance since it was different than everyone elses I mean for godsake some people looked like they went shopping together there was barely any dresses that looked unique. But I would never be comfortable let alone be able to do anything with my hair so that would of been out the window. arghhh whatever. So I laso had a great time on my band trip to NY. It was just so much fun and we met Ally's online friends Melanie & Steph they were so cute!! We're hoping that they'll be able to come down in the summer and we can all hang out. Besides that this month I also went to Laura's b-day party awww It was so much fun. I didn't go to bed til 3 it kind of sucked tho I was trying to sleep but I was so hungry which was kind of funny cause I ate so much junk food before we went to bed. Lmao Oh and we watched Hocus Pocus before we went to bed don't ask we just felt like watching it. My parents were so sweet when I came home they had cleaned my room it really looks nice now just hopefully I can keep it clean. So what I have left is the Relay For Life & Kristen's graduation party which is this sunday. I think this month has been the most eventful ^_^

4-22-04 Not much to update cept that I'm on vacation. Not much is going on but that's mainly my fault. I should get more. I am hanging out with Joanna though which isn't too bad. I saw Benny & Joon loved it to death. Sam is just so cute XD My dress came in for prom. I haven't been able to try it on yet probably going to do that today. I was invited to Amy's 5o's b-day party but me and my family got the day mixed up so I didn't get to go I felt really bad cause it was the 2nd time I didn't go to Amy's party. I wasn't hom for it cause when of my friends was having a breakdown so I had to go help them. The little guys will be here next month. I can't wait too see them. Two more to hug and love ^^ I now spend my weds hanging with Kristen, Ashley, & their b/fs roleplaying. I have no idea what I'm doing it's really funny. Those guys are awsome. Next week is my New york Trip. I can't Wait!!! I'll be having 4 other girls that I'll be rooming with. Ally, kate, Laura, & Steph. We're gonna cause so much trouble hehe. I looked over the schedule we're really busy. Ally wants us to meet her two friends from her message boards in New York. I can't wait to meet them they sound really nice. I have to get ready all this week for it. I need new clothes especially pants -_-; , cameras, makeup, & candy!! I'm so excited ^^ I wonder where we'll go next year.

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4-11-04 Last month and this month has been full of stress and really has me feeling so depressed. Last month one of my friend's brother died in a car acccident. I went to his wake. I didn't know what to say except that i would be there for them and that I was sorry for his lost. I felt like I just couldn't find the right words to say. I mean what do you say to someone to make them feel that things will be alright when their loved one was their everything. This world is completely screwed up. And even though this happened last month it seems to pop into my head quite often. I just wish that he could of had a 2nd chance. His life wasn't done he barely even started. For Godsake he was only 21. How can life be so cruel?

3-26-04 Wow I really haven't updated in such a long time. I'll sum up everything that has happened in a few sentences. Because I'm lazy and they're would be too much to writewords. Midterms are over. They were okay but I could of done better. My sis got a divorce and is pregnant. I got asked to prom. I've been wacthing erik alot, One of my friends that I'm not really close with invited all my other freinds but not me, and that's pretty much it for now ^_^; Ill update more later

1-13-04 I won't be updating the journal for while or at least until Midterms are over. I'm really nervous. They're next week. I'm gonna have to buckle down and really work hard this week. Friday I went Cosmic Bowling with Laura, Ally, Steph, Adam, Andrew, Craig, Stephanie, & Kate. It was a blast. I never felt so crazy in my entire life. I should go out with them more often. We celebrated erik's b-day on Staurday, that little guy is just so cute ^^. Today I'm getting my guitar book can't wait to play around with it. hmm i guess I really don't have alot to say lol. Oh well, I did find an intersting quiz. Enjoy!

Which feeling are you?

1-5-04 Well Went back to school today. It Really was boring and felt well so awkward. Though I did understand (for once) what we're doing in chemistry and and math so it wasn't all bad. Laura and Ally kept making me laugh during chorus. They both wanted to sit next to me so they decided that they would put me in the middle. It felt so weird, especially because I never got so much attention in my life it kind of almost drove me crazy. It was a really interesting and funny moment. My parents had one present for my b-day that I had no clue about and I was completely shocked. They bought me a cute blue and white electric guitar. I was so happy and suprised I was almost in tears. (i'm such a dork) I can't wait to learn how to play it. I've been playing around with it so much. It's one of the best b-day gifts I have ever gotten in my life. This also made me realize I'm lucky living a life like this with these guys, I couldn't be any more happier. Besides that on my b-day the most funniest thing happened. About a week or 2 before my b-day I guessed and prayed that my parents would win the lottery. Well our number came up on my b-day, it was awsome except my parents forgot to get the ticket for it. ^_^It was still great to see it come up and funny that my parents forgot at the same time. Saturday I went over Laura's and we made a calendar with Kate, Steph, Ally, & adam. It was awsome. Adam has a bit of an obsession with my pleather jacket so he decided to wear it. He looked so funny in it, it was really cute ^^ . I've decided to make some icons out of the left over pictures. Hopefully they'll come out good. I'll taunt Adam with the coat one lol. It's so fun teasing him. I'll be getting the calendar in about a week. I can't wait to hang it up. After we had finished the pictures and watched a movie we started talking about prom. I was suprised that Kate also wanted Jazz club to be the theme too instead of a night on a cruise ship. The guys could have had on zuite suits and the girls could of gone as flappers.It would of been so much fun. But now my stupid class has to build a boat, honestly there's no sense in that. The jazz club would have been much cheaper. I'm still debating on who to bring. Adam said he would of gone with me if he wasn't already going with some other girl in my grade. Sunday Me and my parents went to go see the lotr: return of the king. Omg I have never cried so much in a movie in my entire life. I had a hug headache and felt like just rolling over on the floor asleep after the movie was over. It was so good though and beautifully done as with the other two movies too. My parents thought it was good too but wished it wasn't so long lol. I can't wait for it to come out on dvd

1-1-04 I can't believe I'm 17 today. It's really kind of funny. I'm suppose to celebrate my b-day with my family today. Holiday vacation is almost over. Christmas was nice even though I knew all the presents I was getting. Christmas eve for some reason was really tiring this year, even my sister and my mom were so exhausted. We were all up early on Christmas day. I got alot of presents this year, yah I was a bit spoiled. - Mars manga volume 15 - Excel Saga manga Volume 2 - Shutterbox manga Volume 1 - Paradise Kiss manga Volume 2 & 3 - Trigun manga volume 1 - Emily the strange morhphing journal - X/1999 anime disc 1 - a chobits poster (it's so cute!) - body stuff - pajamas - A ed doll from cowboy bebop - a devil duck - Fire Dance Perfume - & a manga kit (hopefully one day I can draw my own characters and even create my own manga/webcomic) I'm really obsessed with mangas it's pretty bad ^^; The following Saturday my mom's friends came down. It was really nice but every now and then I would start thinking about my Nana. I remembered once that she told me that she didn't like them. I couldn't help but wonder all day if My mother knew. I didn't want to ask here though I afraid she was not going to be to happy about it. I don't know why It popped into my head after 6 years it was strange. This vacation I hanged out with Joanna. It was really fun she gave me bath stuff for my b-day and we tried to finish up Hana Yori Dango (which is so good) I recommend it to anyone who loves cute anime romance. I think I ate way too much food this holiday season and I'm gonna after lose a bit of weight so I can fit in a couple of dresses. Joanna invited me to go to a anime convention in Boston with a whole bunch of her friends in April. I cant' wait. I've decided that I'm going to it as megan from shutterbox. It's gonna be a lot of tough work to make but also very exciting. I just can't wait! I usuall spend New Years eve with Kim and Jenna but this year I promised Kate that I would go to hers. It was so crazy and so fun. We had about 13 girls there and 3 guys it was awsome. Adam went around with a video camera and ally's tape recorded all night. I haven't gotten to see the video tape but I hear it's very interesting. I slept over Kate's with 10 other girls so I could of seen the tape this morning but it was too offensive to some people. Such as Kim. Arghh she was so annoying all night I just wanted to kick her out. After the long night we all ended up sleeping while watching Muppets from space. I honestly didn't get much sleep I kept waking up. I had so much fun I might go again next year. I felt bad for not hanging out with Kimmi, Paul, Jenna, Chris, & Erica. I was thinking that I'll go to both of them next year. I felt really bad though Joanna was home alone and not in a good mood. I wish I could of invited her to come with me but it would of been rude. I'll think of something to do for her to make it up. I had no idea she was gonna be left alone yesterday. I was really worried about her even though she said she'd be okay. I was debating it all yesterday beofre I left for the party. I hate being so indecisive, it just really makes me confused. (lol) I wonder if anybody else feels that way. I already know what I'm getting for my b-day too 2 chobits dvds # 3 & 4, Forbidden Dance manga volume 2, Demon Diary manga volume 4, Alice 19th manga volume 1, & x/1999 anime soundtrack. I wish I didn't have to get back to school so soon. This vacation has felt really relaxing for once. Before I go back to school I'm suppose to get together with Laura, Kate, Ally, & Adam to make a really funny calendar. This weekend I'm also suppose to see the 3rd Lord Of the Rings movie with my parents. Going back to school really makes me nervous. Especially with midterms coming up and all. I just hope that I can do good on them. Beth will start helping me out tuesday, she might help me start studying for midterms. Would be nice. Well I'm gonna get some sleep. Happy New Year everyone! ^^

12-24-03 I probally won't be updating for a few days, had joanna come over Friday. It was really nice to hang out with her I haven't been able to for a while. I gave out some gifts to a couple of people at school. I felt so bad I was originally going to give then t-shirts that I was going to make but the transfer paper that I got sucked that they didn't come out so well so I had to go with getting other stuff. It was so last minute, I felt so bad I wish I could of got them better gifts. **sighs** well at least next year I know what I'm going to do and it will be easier next year to do. I got out of school early yesterday and just went around town with my mom. It was interesting. Kimmy came around on monday to give me my gift. I missed her so much I don't get to see her at all anymore. Both going to different schools, she works, and she hangs out with Paul all the time. She asked me yesterday if I wanted to go with her and Paul to Martha's Christmas party. Unfortunetly it was too late to go anywhere but I probally hang out with over vacation. It looks like it's going to be really busy around here at the house. My sister and mother have bought so much food just for today, tomorrow, and when we have company coming up(that will be fun _) I have to help bake today and most likely watch erik. I can't wait for tomorrow. I hope that Everyone has fun. Merry christmas and Happy holidays ^_^

12-12-03 This week to me seemed really long. It's been a fun week though. I had auditions for the music man yesterday. For the first time in my acting career I got calledback which I know isn't really the best thing in the world but It felt great. I didn't really get a role but there's always next year. Kim was pissing me off today saying that she should get a part and that if she went to another place should would of gotten the lead. She's such a bitch! She didn't even support Kate last year who got one of the main roles because she thought she should of gotten one I just wanted to strangle her. The list was posted after 6th period and kim disn't get shit it was awsome! lol anyway Kate got a role and Erin got the lead. It really suprised me it even suprised Erin she was in shock for 5 mins before she realized that she got the lead. I love Erin I'm so glad that she got the lead and that Kate got a part. Though Erin told me that she'll be going to Kim's party I hope that she'll be ok. As for me I'm not going to Kim's I'm going to the mall with Laura, Steph, kate, Craig, james, Kate H, Stephanie, & adam. I can't wait we're going to go christmas shopping. I hope I can find something good for my family which reminds me that I have to get the t-shirt material this weekend. Beth told me earlier this week that she would love to help me with chemistry every tuesday. I'm so glad maybe there is hope to bring up that grade. I have to sell christmas tree tomorrow arghhh I hate being out in this cold weather. Not only have they asked me to help out but my parents too which i feel bad because my parents deserve to have a free weekend and selling christmas trees for five hours sucks. I also have three projects this weekend ^^; it's gonna hectic.

11-29-03 Thanksgiving was fun this year and the food was delicous even though the stupid idiot that I am, I ate too much and got a bit sick but hey it was worth it. Yesterday I hanged out with Joanna I could of gone bowling w/ Kate and a whole bunch of people but I just felt like watching a good movie. So me and Joanna watched wrong turn which was disturbing but really good. Of course I got sick yesterday I didn't eat much I just really wasn't hungry to eat dinner but I forced myself anyway which was not the smartest thing to do. Before I went to Joannas I watched Bruce Almighty with my sister which was a excellent it was really suprising there was more to it than just comedy it was really touching. Anyway I'm doing good in school for 2nd term except Chemistry. If I really want to do good I'm gonna have to put more work into and bring up that grade no matter what. This week has been pretty fun though. Last Sunday I hanged out with Kristen, kate & Craig. I was there to help Kristen out with her digital art project on Vampires I just happen to look creepy enough for it lol. It was great I should hang out with them more often. I can't believe that it will be christmas pretty soon. thank god I know what to get people this year for christmas. I've decided that I was gonna make gifts for my friends. I'm gonna make them shirts. I can't wait I've got so many good ideas on what to put on them. I just have to get transfer paper and t-shirts it won't be too bad. My parents loved the idea they thought it was very original. Of course they're only one person who really knows bout it and that's Kristen. She was there when I came up with the idea. I beleive she won't tell anyone Kristen is cool like that. I can't wait for christmas it's gonna be awsome.

11-20-03 Last Friday was awsome I had so much fun with laura, Ally , Steph, Adam, & Andrew. After we ate we went looking around the mall. While we were there I visited Kristen working at KB toys I was gonna cause some chaos there but didn't have time to. O well myabe next time. We spent at least 30 mins in FYE just looking in the anime section. It was like heaven. Later on we played in the mall's arcade and I took two sets of pictures with Laura and Adam and then with Steph and Adam. I heard that we might be going out to Chilis next time though I don't know what we'll do after that. I have so much shit that's due on friday but I don't know where to start. I haven't been feeling good at al this week either. My stomach is killing me and I keep getting the feeling that I'm gonna throwup. It's really annoying. I was getting alittle annoyed with everyone in the house earlier this week and was in a really rotten mood but it's over. I hope I can keep up with everything this week I'm already exhausted. A vacation is sure looking good right about now. Can't wait for Thanksgiving! O and I found out that Johnny Depp was called the Sexiest man of 2003!^_~

11-13-03 I'm feeling really hyper today though tired at the same time. I hate chemistry so much I can tell that class is going bring down my average this year. God I hate school.this week I got an english assignment that I love, it's a collage, finally Something I'm good at! ^_^ I'm almost done with it lol. Tomorrow I'm suppose to dinner with Laura, Steph, Ally, Adam, & Andrew at The Steak House. I don't know what we're gonna do after that but it's gonna be fun. **sighs** now to study for a test

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11-8-03 I've been really tired this week and I have very little energy to really do anything. Anyway I went to Ally's b-day party and Amy's Halloween party on Friday. It was really fun just to see some friends that I haven't seen in such a long while. Everyone seemed to like the faerie costume though through the whole night I felt uncomforatable in it. I slept over Amy's with erica and a couple of other people. I woke up in the middle of the night to see a clip from Night of the living dead 2 which was really cheesey. It was awsome. We woke up and watched documentries on haunted places and had like a buffet of food not to mention a lot of candy (I was sick for the rest of the day.) This week went by really fast. Term 2 started monday and already I've been stressed out. There is one good thing about it though I now can hang out with Kristen during 3rd period. ^_^ I got My report card back Yesterday. I didn't do too bad though I'm not going to say that I'm happy about it. I got 3 A's one B and two C's. Math is never a good subject for me and Chemistry is by far the hardest class i've ever had. I hope though that I can pull up those grades it would be nice to get honor roll this year. Tonight i'm going to Joanna's b-day party. I only burned her a CD of random songs on it I hope she likes it. Tomorrow I have to help my sister usher a Play which I'll be honest i'm not too happy about but what can i do she's my sister so i'll just go along with it. Joanna might help out but I'm not sure entirely if she can if she can't i can always get someone else to help me out. It's gonna be an interesting weekend.

10-26-03 This week has been really busy. I had alot of annoying essays to do but I finished them all and passed them in. Friday I had my last driving hour thank god! But I still need more pratice whenever I get the time and I think I'm having problems with their stupid car, I have no idea what I'm gonna do for my license. That was the only thing that ticked me off on Friday but everything else was fine. This might be weird to say but Spirit week was fun this year. The only day I didn't get to dress up was for Mix up day. I plan to go all out for it next yr. Later that day I went cosmic bowling with everyone and had such a great time. Yesterday was homecoming and I had so much fun. More fun than I've had for the last two homecomings. I got compilments on my pleather jacket and my dress. I was glad that I went. On Friday I'll be going to Kate's to hang out with some people and watch a couple of movies then go to Ally's house later. I can't wait this week is looking awsome.
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10-19-03 I had so much fun Yesterday. I hanged out with Kristen and watched phone booth and The Lion King it was so fun. I couldn't stop laughing at times, I really should hang out with her more often when I have the chance. I might go to a "party" with her on Wednesday. The "party" is for James Marsters being naked on Angel. YAH! lol it's one of the most funniest Motivations for throwing a party I've ever heard but I can't wait it sounds like it's gonna be a blast. I found out that Kristen will not be going on the New York trip with chorus (I was hoping she would come. It would of been great). Though I now know who I want to room with but it's gonna be hell. I was thinking of rooming with Kate, Laura, and Ally. The four of us could create some chaos in New york but the problem is with Kim. She'll be pissed with us and then fucking whine the whole time. I can't stand that at all. I can't even take confrontations with annoying people I just couldn't care less for it. But If i want to room with these guys I'll have to make the list up before Kim can do anything. **sighs** I really don't mean to sound cruel but what am I suppose to do? Anyway I only have one driver hour left and I've realized something, If I don't go out driving more I will defiently won't get my license any time soon. I'll have to get my ass out there everyday If I really want to improve it's just hard to find the time. I found out that I didn't get into National Honor Society ubt I figured that I'll just keep up my grades and not try to join it at all. It's just takes up more time and just adds more fuel to the fire so forget it. I won't go and jepordize my grades for some stupid club. I know it looks good for colleges but I really don't have enough money to go to a really good college so I'll just go to a cheap local one. Tomorrow starts off Spirit week. I'm really excited about it believe it or not and I can't wait for homecoming I just have to find these fishnet spiders gloves that I wore last year. Today I'm going to get pajamas and plan out the rest of my clothes for this week, MAYBE clean my room,I might hang out with Joanna later,and do a stupid essay for chemistry Which I'll start right now but I have now clue what to really write.

10-11-03 This week has been fun even though I got my progress report back i just have to make sure that I bring up a couple of grades. Last Week I went to Paul's "suprise party" It was really fun I haven't had so much fun in such a long while but after that day I was feeling a bit down for some reason it seemed as though all my regrets came back to attack me. I just felt like I usually screw myself over for oppturnities for anything that could really help me out and change me for the better. It took me a while to get out of it but I did. Anyway my mom got most of my presents for christmas this week when we went to borders she bought me 4 new mangas for christmas and I bought myself 4 because I didn't want her to pay too much for them. She has to gget 3 more though cause their not out yet. But It was really fun to hang out with her and just tlak about books it was one of the most relaxing days I've ever had. I had a driving hour yesterday that went really bad I completely blanked out on what to do and forgot how to straighten the wheel out I felt so horrible and embarrased I must of been the worst driver ever. I was upset with it but my parents decided to take me driving and finallly I was able to drive again. I don't know what was wrong with me yesterday. I space out more than usual these days maybe I'm losing it. I also had college fair this week. I can't really go to any of them but that's ok I decided what i wanted to do. So I'll major in Computer Grahpics / media or Website development and minor in acting. Glad I got that out of the way. I hanged out with Joanna yesterday. I helped her out with her website, we talked about anime and her party. I got the Inuyasha poster and hanged it up on my wall. This morning , arghhh I hate mornings, I'm going to NewHampshire with my parents for the weekend. I'm thinking of doing h/w on the way up or just read and listen to music. Well I gotta go wish me luck.

9-27-03 Woke up at 3:30 today. I couldn't really sleep so I ended up watching all the movies I had. lol. Anyway, I got my MCAs scores back. I got proficent (240) on Math (yah) and on English I was only 2 pts away from advanced (258) aww. I'm glad though that I passed them. I did even better then I thought I would. Now if I can just do good on the SATs. Speaking of that I had PSATs earlier this month and I forgot it - -; so I have to get the test mailed to me and do it. Won't that be fun? I have so much to do this weekend. I have alot of h/w and I have the NHS essay due monday and yet I barely have any Community Service to put down. I don't mind if I don't get into it this year there's always next year. Personally I think it would be better If I did it next year but it might look too suspicious? **sighs** I dunno I'm getting all frustrated and confused bout it lol. I started driving last week. My first hr wasn't exactly what you would call smooth but I had another yesterday and I did much better than I did last time. Wed. I had a early release and hanged out with Kimmi.I haven't hanged out with her in such a loing time it was great. We went out to have chinese food though I think it will be a while til I have chinese food again. Word of advice don't take half a egg roll and half of a carb thing mixed with sour cream it's disgusting. Kim dared me to take a bite and I thought I was gonna throwup. We didn't have enough for noodles I was looking foward to them especially beacuse I love using chopsticks for it. ^_^ hehe. Today I'm gonna hang out with Joanna. She said she bought me an Inuyasha poster and a magazine. I can't wait to see it (I kno I'm such a dork). Tomorrow I might go to a local "rock" concert that the Sophmores put on I'll hangout with Kate and the group. Of course I'll have to do my h/w today If I want to have a good weekend. I 'll have to see how it goes.


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1. What facial feature do you find attractive on the opposite sex?eyes

2. Would you marry for money? no

3. Have you had braces? no

4. Could you live without a computer? that's a good question. The computer is great but if I had to live without I think I'd be fine

5. Do you use ICQ, AOL Buddy list etc...? AOL

6. If so, how many people are on your list(s)? 13

7. If you could live in any past time period, which would it be? Medieval times and before the black plague

8. Do you drink enough water? no not really I'm practically hydrated all the time

9. Do you wear shoes in the house or take them off? off

10. What is your favorite fruit? grapes

11. Do you eat wheat bread or white? wheat

12. What is your favorite place to visit? Borders, books, music,Dvds,videos, coffee, what else could you ask for?

13. What is the last movie you saw? The Order

14. Are you photogenic? Not quite sure, maybe?

15. Do you dream in color or black and white?Color

16. Are you wearing fingernail polish? yes

17. Do you have any dimples?nah

18. Do you remember being born? who does?

19. Why do you take surveys? they're fun

20. Do you drink alcohol? no

21. Did you like high school? eh it's ok

22. What is the most beautiful language? Japanese

23. Do you like sunrises or sunsets the most? Sunsets I can't get up early let alone wake up sometimes

24. Do you want to live to be 100? No That would seem like a pain to me

25. Do you like salty food or sugary food the most? both

26. Do you or have you played with a ouija board? no

27. Are you loyal? yes

28. Are you tolerant of other people's beliefs?yes

29. When you watch movies at home, do you like the lights on or off? it depends on what I'm watching

30. Do you believe in magic? Of Course

31. Do you have nightmares frequently? no very rarely

32. Do you like your nose? it's ok alil crooked but good

33. Do you like abstract art? yes

34. Do you think you can draw well? Depends on what I draw ^ ^;

35. Do you listen to music daily? Yes maybe alittle too much

36. Do you like to watch cartoons? ya

37. At what age did you find out that Santa Claus wasn't real? really can't remember

38. How many pairs of shoes do have in your closet? 10 I think it's really sad because I really don't use any of them

39. Do you like to wear the same shoes everyday or do you like a variety? same

40. Do you write poetry? yes

41. Do you snore? I dunno If you ask any of my friends they'll probably say ya but not loudly

42. Do you sleep more on your back, front, or sides? back

43. Would you rather have a poodle or a rottweiler? rottweiler

44. Do you lick stamps?no

45. Do you use an electric can opener?no

46. Have you ridden in a hot air balloon? no would like to someday maybe even skydive off it, that would be interesting

47. Which hurts the most, physical or emotional pain? emotional

48. Do you prefer a piano or a violin? well i like both but I'd have to say violin. I just like string instruments alot

49. Do you hunt?hunt...what?.....vampires........??........trogdor???

50. Do you like fast food joints, or expensive restaurants? anything that has chinese food in it

51. Would you rather visit a zoo or an art museum? art musuem

52. Do you have a middle name? DOESN'T EVERY1?

53. Are you basically a happy person? somewhat

54. Are you tired? Ya

55. Did you drink anything with caffeine in it today? Coffee, I wish I had some more

56. How many phones do you have in your house? 4

57. How long is your hair? down to my shoulders

58. Do you get along with your parents? of course

59. What color of eyes do you prefer? brown

60. What medications do you take? none

61. What does your bedroom look like? messy, and covered in flower wallpaper.....hopefully I can change it

9-12-03 Well It's been the third week of school. It's been hectic but all in all I guess good. I've been doing good in all my classes suprisenly enough and have been able to relax at the same time. I Just got a notice a couple of days ago that I'm Qualified for National Honor Society. It suprised especially because i kind of slacked off during my Sophmore Year. I'm really glad that I'm qualified for it but the problem is I haven't done any community service. I really didn't think that I would make it so I really have done any. I'll have to see If i can pull some things in at the last minute. If I Don't get picked to do it this year there is always next year. I've also decided to study over the summer for SATs , I'll take the PSATs this year but I'll wait to do SATS next year. I'm really kind of freaked out, My mom has signed me up for drving hours next week . It's great and all but the only problem is that I've only driven once. I think it's not really a good thing to let someone out into traffic who hasn't driven for a decent amount of time in which the person has been use to it. It's just makes me so stressed out! Besides school I've been hanging out with a whole bunch of people and I've been doing little side projects like avatars, fanfiction, and websites. Unfortunetly I haven't finish any of them -_-; I have to do driving this weekend and find some commuinty service things to do. There is three good things that happened today, Kate has switched out of 2nd lunch and now is in my lunch with the rest of the gang, I got an 81 on my chemistry Test(It's a hard course) , and one volume 14 of mars came out I'm gonna go get it. Today has been of the best days I've ever had.


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Not really in the mood to post anything else o well

I finally finished school shopping with the exception of shoes. Wow my summer went out the window I have school tomorrow. (sarcastically) Oh joy i just can't wait. I didn't do much this week with the exception of going to edaville railroad with my family, ya it was really boring though I was glad that my newphew had a good time. Well i gotta go to bed or else i'll never be able to wake up for tomorrow. Good thing I'll meet up with Kate and the group before i have to go into the gym. Nite
In the couple of weeks I've been shopping for school. So far i've got two new pair of pants and two shirts that's bout it I still have a lot to buy. I finally got my Permit, thank god one thing out of the way. I went to Kim's grandfather's B-day party. It was so fun I hanged out with the people that i had missed so much. Ahh it was cute Kim got her grandfather a kitten but Kim ended up keeping him cuase her grandmother didn't want it. While I was there Chris told me what happened later on during his b-day sleepover. His bathroom is creepy and when you always go in there you get this very weird vibe. Erica wanted to go to the bathroom but was scared to so he sent one of his friends in there to check if it was ok. Well the bathroom freaked out everyone that night, When his friend went in there to check things out all the draws and cabinets were pulled right open. I'm so happy I didn't stay i would of freaked out. I had to go to the bathroom earlier that day and thank god his brother was singing very loudly next door or else i wouldn't of been able to focus on anything else but his bathroom.I would be even more creeped out fi the drawers opened right infront of me. I dunno it's really weird even though it would scare me I still want to see it experience it, I find it very interesting. Anyway besides all that I also went cosmic bowling this week. It was actually really fun since I was so energetic that night.
Today i went to the movies and saw Pirates of The Carribean. I loved it so much. How much Johnny Depp looked different in it he was still sexy as ever. Orlando Bloom was even adorable. Him and Johnny Depp were so good together, I couldn't believe how funny Johnny Depp was in it. I was laughing whenever he was on. I can't wait till it comes out on video. I had such a blast yesterday. I had to go to chris's 18th b-day party. It was suppose to start at 11:00 but unfortunetly I woke up at 10:49. I called Chris and told him i was gonna be late and that i just got up. He said it was ok since another person thought the party was at 2 ^.^; I ran to Newbury comics and got him a gift certificate and got to his place around 1. I was suprised to see that i was the first person there. It was such a great party and the most fun i've had all summer. I was scared at first to go to his house. But it turned out ok though the bathroom was still creepy as ever. I wish i could of slept over but o well maybe next year. ^_^
I went to Joanna's yesterday. It was alright we rented Final Destination 2. My god it was so good. I was pissed off that Devon Sawa wasn't it but all in all it was a good movie. I have to tell my dad soon that i'm going to get a tatoo. I don't think he's gonna be too happy with me or even let me get it. But I've been waiting for so long and besides it's gonna be small it's not like i'm going to get a huge one on my back.
I have to go back to school soon. I hate it. I'm so nervous. I have to face SATs this year and I still don't know what I want for a career. I mean I want to become a voice actress but unfortunetly an actor/actress just starting out doesn't get paid alot. I don't want to say it but i'm gonna need a career that's more stable. I just don't know what to do. My summer has been kind of boring but that's been my fault. I was hoping to get a job but i couldn't get one :(

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