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//October 17,2004
Hey guys another blog layout this one features one of my favorite characters from Wolf's Rain: BLUE This anime is amazing, I recommend it to everyone ^_^ I've been busying babysitting this weekend as usual and have yet to do my street photography project but I'm hoping that I can do it next Sunday and have Joanna come with me. I'm going to hang out with a couple friends this wed I'm looking foward to that and to seeing The Grudge on Friday

//November 17,2004
Well it's been a while since I last update I've been a little too busy and my memory kind of sucks now ^^; so I pretty much forgot I had a new blog sad eh? Not much to update with cept that I'm going to a concert with Kim Friday to see her ex b/fs in a band lol should be hysterical. Then Sunday going with Joanna to See Saw. I love that movie so much! God thanksgiving is next week and christmas isn't far behind.I really got to start my christmas shopping. I've got so many to shop for. Well gotta go suppose to qwrite a "essay" later ^_~

//December 05,2004
Not much to update besides going to Kim's suprise party today. I really hope she likes her gift ^^ Cause I have nothing else to report (just really lazy): Idealist -- passionate, imaganitive, authentic, empathetic
You're an Idealist!
Empathetic and imaginative, you're focused on
helping others, either by speaking out for a
cause or giving them advice. You're usually
polite, but can be surprisingly blunt when you
see an injustice done. There are things you
very deeply believe in, and you'll fight tooth
and nail to defend them.

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//Febuary 9,2005
Wow so much has happened. I'lltry to summarize it quickly. Figured out where I'm going for college, Went to see Blueman Group (it was amazing and I highly recommend it to all of you), I've been addicted to DDR lately even tho I suck at it)and have been going with Laura & Amanda to the mall to play it, I'm getting my child development baby soon (dear god), I have nothing else to report. Just wanted to let you all know I'm not dead. I hope to find a commenting thing. I also hope to update more often well gotta go I have class in a couple of mins. Later ^_~